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The backbone of any Reddit marketing campaign is upvotes. UpvoteMarketing only utilizes real and maintained accounts to upvote posts, and never bots. This ensures we’ll bypass Reddit’s security systems; an endeavor which we do very well with a 100% success rate. Get your post to the front page and maximize visiblity and traffic. Maximizing visibility will in turn maximize conversions. A post with high upvotes also gives a very positive first impression to Redditors, who think the post has been approved by the Reddit community at large. Thanks to this herd-metality hack, our upvotes create a snowball effect of sorts, which ignite the fire that skyrockets your campaign.


The account you use to start your Reddit campaign is an integral detail that cannot be overlooked. Many communities require a certain amount of karma and age to post. Furthermore, if a post contains a conversion of sorts (which all marketing campaigns do), the Reddit community will become skeptical and investigate your account. If you’re posting with a new account without much history, you’ll be percieved as spam and subsequently flagged as such, leading to a failed campaign. In order to run a successful promotion, you’ll need aged accounts backed by high karma which are maintained regularly for years and years. Only UpvoteMarketing has such high quality accounts in inventory.

Long term branding

Reddit has an immense power to control the conversation. With our expertise we will help you control the conversation and become an authority in your niche. We do this through multiple methods including creating your own subreddit and bringing users to it.

As easy as 1..2..3

1. Devising a Strategy Reddit promotions must be very thoroughy thought out and strategized in order to ensure an effective campaign One must take caution as a faulty strategy make backfire or hurt your brand image. If you’re not a marketing professional, we recommend you get on board with our custom campaigns, and put your brand in the hands of professionals.

2. Purchasing Accounts After carefully crafting a strategy, you’ll need accounts to submit the posts to the subreddits wherever your target demographics spend their time. Upon posting, new accounts will be flagged for spam, and your campaign will fail and/or backfire. That’s why you need aged accounts with plenty of karma, carrying the status of a trusted user.

3. Buying Upvotes After posting, you’ll need to purchase upvotes before your post gets buried and forgotten. People are herd animals and upvotes sway public opinion in the right direction. Upvotes will boost your post to the top of the subreddit as well as the front page, giving your post major visibility and traffic. We don’t use bots, so our upvotes come 100% worry free.

More services

Graphic Design

Not sure how to promote your Website/Product/App/Video on Reddit? Let us know, we will handle everything, content design, the perfect subreddit, a formulated title for going viral , an aged account for posting and upvotes. These packages come with a GUARANTEED rank. Enquire today.

Content Design

Great written content is crucial for Reddit and the Reddit mods to accept you and let your content live on. Need custom content designed? Contact us.

Community Management

What better way to engage with your target audience than to create your own community. We can create a Subreddit in your niche and bring users to it.

Reputation Management

Are you getting bad press? Let us handle that! We can monitor when keywords pop up relating to your brand and destroy any negative press coming from Reddit. Control the conversation.

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